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Bermuda triangle

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Who was lost at ‘ Hoodoo Sea’?
  • U.S.S Cyclops (ship) ,March 1918 with 309 people
  • Star tiger (airplane) ,30th January 1948 with 35 people from Puerto rico
  • Star Areal (airplane), 17th January 1949
  • Anita (ship) 23rd March 1973
  • TTB 30 finger, January 1945
  • Flight 19, 5th December 1945
Who was knew the ‘Satan triangle’?
  • Christopher Colombus
  • E.V.W Jones from Associated Press Magazine
  • George X from Fate magazine
  • Vincent Geddis
  • Charles Berlitz
When was Bermuda triangle called ‘Bermuda Triangle’?
  • While Vincent Geddis was wrote an article “ The Deadly Bermuda Triangle” at February 1964 at Argosy Magazine.
  • Then, Charles Berlitz wrote a book “The Bermuda Triangle”
Bermuda Triangle it has many name like Satan Triangle, Hoodoo Triangle , deadly triangle, and many more. Bermuda Triangle is a territory at sea , at Samudra Atlantik. The wide is 1,5 millions miles2 or 4 millions km2 . It locate between Britania Raya at Bermuda island as a dot on north ,Puerto Rico at AS as dot on South ,and Miami at Florida , AS, as dot on West. So,if one dots to connect with other dots, it made a triangle.
Many people try to know why the ship and airplane lost at there. It make many hipotesis. Lloyd’s of London said Bermuda Triangle it not dangerous. It like other sea at all world. The ship and airplane are lost because they are too heavy. But U.S Geological Survey said Bermuda triangle has a Methana Gas. Bill Dillon from U.S Geological Survey said it same with Kaspia sea , they have a Methana gas.
Some people said the ship and airplane lost because a earthquake at the sea. They said it because gravity and magnetic power. But,an specialist from AS said it because Bermuda Triangle is a UFO and aliens place for life.
Based on Haddist (Abu Huraniah) from Nabi Muhammad , a castle of satan is hide at there that has a time aisle.
Did you know? A huge pyramid,more big than at mesir, is locate at Bermuda Triangle! Some people said, that pyramid has energy cosmos.
Or maybe Bermuda Triangle has hole at sky like at Star Trek Film? Some people connect the mystery of Bermuda triangle with other mystery like sea dragon, blue hole or a monster sea called Sargasso, which that not just a legend. Boeing 707 and Mr. And Mrs. Lloyd Wingfields had been seeing Sargasso.
The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery until now. Nobody know why ship and airplane lost at there. Maybe Larry Kusche right, no mystery at Bermuda Triangle. You can belive it,or not. That is a story about Bermuda Triangle. Myths,Bermuda Triangle....

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