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Unexpected Charity

RPJ Undercover - Saturday, 21st April 2012, all of Regina Pacis Jakarta High School does a charity. All of X student (grade 1 at Regina Pacis Senior High School Jakarta) and XI student (grade 2 at Regina Pacis Senior High School Jakarta) went to their place that they have chosen to do their charity. They have to prepare them self to do this charity. They work hard to collect money so they can give it to the place that they want. They do garage sale several times; singing, asking for donations door to door, sells food, and many more. They try to do their best so they can give to the other people by their own work.

One of the classes that have unique experience is X2 from Regina Pacis Senior High School Jakarta. They never thought if they would experience this. First, their appointment was rejecting. They have an appointment on an orphanage house (Foster Home) that located at Kedoya. Nevertheless, when they arrived at there, unfortunately that orphanage house was empty! All of the children in that orphanage house were back to their own house with their family. A lot of children at that orphanage house are still have family but they family is too poor to take care of them. So, all of X2 student cannot do that charity that they had planning.

They are so sad because all snack and stationery that they had packed for orphanage will comes to wasteful. Fortunately, not far from that orphanage house, there are social institutions that accommodate the neglected people, insane people, homeless people, poor people, and disabled people. Finally, they change their purpose from an orphanage to that social institution. They were very hoping that the plan did not fail again this time. Their hope was grant. They finally can do the charities although it was different from the original plan.

Then, they start to begin their charity. The event was opened with a pray. After that, they start their charity with got acquainted each one. Next, they were sitting together in a circle. Then, they started chitchat. Each of them – one by one – got a chance to talk a little bit about them. They share about their life experiences; even it was fun or sad. By telling their life experiences, they feel happier. They also felt closer to each other, and understand about their feelings. Besides that, the people in that social institution were also pleased because there are those who want to hear their life experiences.

They felt happy because they were noticed and heard by X2 students. There are very rarely people who want to visit them and take care of them. So, this charity by X2 Regina Pacis Senior High School Jakarta was make them happier. They were hope if they will be able to be visiting again and can participate in next charity or the other event like that.

Finally, two hours were over without they realize it. All of X2 students should go back to school and end the charity. Before leave that social institutions, they give some sack of rice, milk, and other goods. They hope that the goods they provide can be used as well as possible and beneficial.

“I am very pleased with the activities of charity like this. I love to help people in need,” said Christine, a member from X2. She is look happy with a big smile on her face when us asking how is her felling. Similar with Christine, Juan (Christine’s classmate) said, “That’s was so fun! Hopefully we can do better charity next year!” -Devi

And these are some pics!


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  1. this one of my article at my first newspaper -RPJ Undercover!

  2. wah2 devi ya! Kapan tuh aku commentnya? Enak aja ngarang2 begitu! Kapan nanyanya? Main ngarang2 aja ya! Dasar DevRy!

  3. wktu d tnya sama sam, kt dy lw senyum2 jd y diartiin gitu.. hehe


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