Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Example of Hortatory Exposition : E-book vs Paper Book

It's Time for E-book 

Until now, we have been using paper book, even though there is e-book (electronic book). As we know, e-book is more eco-friendly than paper book. Do you want to know why? E-book is more eco-friendly than paper book because it can reduce global warming, does not take much spaces, cheaper, and it is also lighter than paper books. By using e-book you also don’t need to go to bookstore and you can adjust the font size. In this article, we will explain you more.

First, e-book is more eco-friendly because it can reduce global warming. Why e-book can reduce global warming? Here is the explanation. Paper books are made from papers, and papers main ingredients are trees and waters. Using paper book means that you are reducing trees and waters. That means global warming is getting worse because not all of the CO2 are absorbed by the trees due to the trees are getting less and less. For the waters, they are used to make the pulp and the pulp is used to make the papers. However, as you can see, e-book is not using papers at all. Therefore, e-book can reduce global warming. 

Second, e-book does not take much space. Usually, e-book needs electronic gadgets like laptop, I-Pad, net book, etc. These gadgets are usually smaller than paper books. Other than that, those gadgets are can contain more than paper book can has. Therefore, e-book takes less space compared to paper book. 

Next, paper book is heavier. Why? As we told you before, paper book needs more spaces than e-book need. That means paper book needs a lot of paper. Therefore, the thicker the book is the heavier it will come. Different with e-book. Even though e-book has many pages, it would not affect the weight of the device. That means, e-book is lighter than paper book. 

Another advantage from e-book is the price. E-book is cheaper than paper book. It is because e-book does not need any paper to be printed out. That means, there's no cost needed to print them, different with paper book. Paper book needs more cost than e-book because paper book need costs to be printed like for the paper, ink, machines, electricity, etc. Therefore, usually the price for e-book is cheaper than paper book. That is why e-book is much better than paper book. 

Now, what are you waiting for? There are a lot of advantages from using e-book than using paper book. By using e-book, we are also contributing to reduce global warming by saving trees and waters. Beside that, by using e-book we also save our money since that e-book is cheaper than paper book. Other than that, the other advantages from using e-book are e-book is lighter, does not take many spaces, does not need to go to bookstore, and also can adjust font size. At conclusion, let’s use e-book!


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