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Liputan dari 'The Student Globe'

Koalisi Pemuda Hijau Indonesia (KOPHI) Jakarta recently held Biosafari #1, socialization and training for Jakarta students about Biopori Absorption Holes, held at SMA Regina Pacis – West Jakarta. This activity was in response a need for information and knowledge about environment solutions, for youths and students as an effort to improve the quality of soil fertility and atmospheric quality significantly, accompanied by the spirit to be a part of development in realizing a New Jakarta.

Socialization and Training of Biopori Absorption Holes by KOPHI was motivated by problems like flooding and water shortages, that occurred in Jakarta. Last January, Jakarta was paralyzed due to floodwaters that inundated most of the area; in some locations the water reached 3 meters. Conversely, when the dry season comes, many areas experienced water shortages, when wells went dry.

The Biosafari would be a routine program of KOPHI, where this first event could be carried out in cooperation between KOPHI and members of Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja (KIR), SMA Regina Pacis Jakarta. Biopori educational activity is very important for the school environment, because students are agents of change in the future, transferring their knowledge to others, so this action could be carried out collectively in the future to reduce the impact of flooding and to maintain a sustainable biotic environment.
“Education about Biopori at school is very important, because it can transmit the knowledge of Biopori itself, so it could be carried out collectively to reduce the impact of flooding. In addition, the Biopori, could maintain the biotic environment around the school area”, explained Mr. Heri, Rector of KIR SMA Regina Pacis Jakarta.

The event included environmental games and an interactive introduction to Biopori Absorption Holes, so students actively participated and asked questions. At the same time students practiced making their own Biopori Absorption Holes. Through this Biosafari program, students are introduced and trained to understand the functions and benefits of Biopori. KOPHI expects students who participated in this Biosafari #1 to be able to disseminate the information and knowledge they have acquired to other students, as well as creating Biopori Absorption Holes at their own home. KOPHI hopes there will be at least 50 new Biopori Absorption Holes that contribute to recharging groundwater reserves in Jakarta, driven by students.
“The   habit   of   loving   the   environment   in   society   is still   low;   therefore,   through   the   Biosafari   we can  help  spread  the  spirit  of  caring for  the  environment”,  said  Mr. Matheus, Headmaster of SMA Regina Pacis Jakarta.

The spirit and support given to Biosafari #1 program showed that youths and students in Jakarta are part of a community that truly cares for the environment, but are not yet empowered. Thus socialization and training organized by KOPHI would be a starting point for them to find out more, while actively participating in actions to save the environment. Youths are expected to have a sense of empathy with the environment, because youths are future agents. Future generations are Green Generations!

The Student Globe

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