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New Competitor in PLASMA 2012

RPJ Undercover - PLASMA is an annual event hold by Student Research Unit at Atma Jaya Catholic University, a renowned University in Indonesia. This series of activities is devoted for high school students to get to know researches and foster critical thinking.

Every year, this event trains a big number of high school students from numerous schools in Jabodetabek, Indonesia and then holds a research competition. Unexpectedly, this year’s event was bigger than the last. It had more sponsors, bigger prizes, and of course, more participants.

This annual event been held for the last 6 years. This event is a very prestigious event because only the best students can follow it. You must be very proud if you can participate on this event. Regina Pacis Senior High School is one of the schools that participated during the PLASMA since 2006. Last year, Regina Pacis Senior High School sent two teams, but this year, Regina Pacis Senior High School had three teams. Each teams consists three students.

So far, Regina Pacis Senior High School always gets the best rank in this event. This year, Regina Pacis Senior High School has chosen the best students from there. Surprisingly, one member in the PLASMA this year 2012 is one of our friends in the X4 class. The chosen one is Michael Loenardi. He is one of the best students in class. He tried hard to win PLASMA this year.

He said, he was so surprise when his name was announce as one of Regina Pacis Senior High School team for this PLASMA event. This is very proud of this. The theme that his group was choosing for PLASMA research this year is the college student response to AIDS patients. His team do the research at some college in Jakarta.

PLASMA officially closed at 21 April 2012. Finally, the judge will inform who the winner is. Regina Pacis Senior High School teams were optimist could be a winner. Sadly, Regina Pacis Senior High School is not the winner anymore like the other year. Regina Pacis Senior High School only gets top eight ranks. All of Regina Pacis Senior High School team was so sad. However, they are not disappointed.

“I will win PLASMA next year! I promise!” said Loenardi. He optimist he can win on this event next year. We just can hope all of the best things for him. We hope Loenardi and team can win next year on this PLASMA event! -Devi

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  1. my second news for my first newspaper -RPJ Undercover! (english task)


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