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Type of House

Places to Live

Currently, we know there is some kind of residences to live in. The types of residences are apartment, flat, dormitory, boarding house, and cluster. It is has similarity and differences each other. There is some similarity and differences for some of them.

Similarities between Apartment and flat are:
  • The Building structure
The building structures both of them are same. Apartment and Flat are have terrace building that make them all have tall structure.
  • Rules
Apartment and flat are have approximately the same rules, like not to be noisy, throw the trash to its place.
  • Security
Both of them have security guard to protect their area and keep us safety. Beside that, when we want to enter the apartment, we must use the access card. That make apartment more safety.

Slight differences between cluster and boarding house are:
  • Rules
Boarding house has more strictly rules than cluster because at cluster you will have your own rules. Your own rules certainly freer than the rule in boarding house
  • Price
Cluster is a little bit expensive than boarding house. At clusters, we must pay all bills (such as electricity and water bills).by ourselves.

Significant differences between cluster and dormitory
  • Room size
Cluster is bigger than dormitory. At dormitory, you just have one room and you still have to share it with your friends.
  • Rules
Dormitory absolutely have more strictly rules than at cluster. The regulation aims to educate and make you into an orderly.

Besides similarity and differences, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. These are the advantages and disadvantages to live in each type of residences.

Advantages of apartment:
  • Facilities
Apartment has complete facilities such as internet, swimming pool, garden, tennis court, basketball court, and cable TV.
  • Strategies
Usually, the apartment is located in a strategic place and has easy access. Most of apartment located in the center of city and has easy access with mall, school, and the other places.
  • Security
Apartment has a lot of security guard that always keep the apartment safety for 24 hours per day.

Disadvantages of apartment
  • Expensive
The apartments are a bit more expensive when compared with the other residences. At apartment, we must to pay maintenance fee every six month.
  • Small
Apartment usually just has one or two rooms so it does not fit for a big family.

Advantages of cluster
  • Big
Cluster is the largest residences compare to the other residences. Number of room in cluster can reached four or five. So, it’s fit for a big family.
  • Rules are more free
At cluster, you will have your own rules. So, you can determine how strict the rules is needed.

Disadvantages of cluster
  • Difficult to be taken care
Because the cluster is large enough, it will be quite difficult to take care such as sweeping or mopping it
  • Need renovation
When the cluster is getting old, it will have some problem such as a leaky roof, termites that eating the wood, and fading paint. You must fix all of that by yourself with a huge cost.

Advantages of flat
  • Social relationship
At flat, you will know each other that live near with your room. So you guys can good neighborly.
  • Cost
The cost when you live at flat is a quite cheap. Compare with the apartment, flat is cheaper than apartment.

Disadvantages of flat
  • Dirty
Flat is a quite dirty because it does not have enough money to pay someone to clean it. The owner must be helping each other to clean it.
  • Small
Flat usually just have one until two rooms. It don’t have kitchen or guestroom.

Advantages of dormitory
  • Discipline
The regulation aims to educate and make you into an orderly. So, you will become greater
  • Social Relationship
At there you can find a lot of new friends. There, you can find peers who could be a good friend

Disadvantages of dormitory
  • No freedom
At there, you will have no freedom and privacies.
  • Noisy
Dormitory is a little bit noisy and make you have a bad night
  • Small
At dormitory, you just have one room and you still have to share it with your friends.

Advantages of boarding house
  • Cheap
Boarding house is cheaper because we pay the cost monthly.
  • Social relationship
Social relationship at there is so comfortable and friendly because usually college student stay at there

Disadvantages of boarding house
  • High risk
Boarding houses have not any security guard to protect them so you must protect by yourself.
  • Electricity and water are limited
Electricity and water are limited because we have to share it with the other.

We already know the existence of the rural and city live. Both of them are very different. They have their disadvantages and advantages.

Advantages of city live
  • Easy access
City has easy access to everywhere. There is a lot of places in city. Beside that, road in the city is in a very good condition
  • Facilities
City has many facilities such as hospital, school, and bank. City has a lot of ATM machine and public telephone.

Disadvantages of city live
  • Bad air
Air in the city is very bad, full of pollution from the cars and motorcycles.
  • Scenery
Every time we see, to every direction, we just can see building and car everywhere.

Advantages of rural live
  • Fresh air
Rural still has healthy fresh air, which is very difficult to found it here.
  • Scenery
Rural has very beautiful scenery like mountains, birds, flowers, trees, and many more.

Disadvantages of rural live
  • Job
Rural does not have variety of job. People just farming, agriculture, and the other job that contains nature.
  • Education
Education at rural live is very low.

I’d prefer to live at the city. City is more modern and has easy access to everywhere. For the place to live, I choose apartment. I think apartment is an ideal place for me because it has easy access to my school. Beside that, I love the scenery from terrace. I can see the sunset clearly from my room.

Karena tingginya permintaan akan artikel ini (untuk tugas lab. inggris) akhirnya daripada repot, saya post saja.. hehehe :p
Semoga bermanfaat!

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